When Servo Stabilizer is used

A servo stabilizer is used when an electrical power supply needs to regulate voltage fluctuations. It is used in commercial/industrial settings for stable power for sensitive equipment like computers and machinery.

Which transformer is used in servo voltage stabilizer

The transformer used in servo voltage stabilizer is Autotransformer. It uses a combination of components, including a Servo motor, a Dimmer (Autotransformer), Buck/Boost transformer, control card, comparator, and transistors to provide a regulated output voltage.



Various Fields of applications and usages for Servo Voltage Stabilizer, Isolation Transformer

We manufacture a wide array of products to suits various fields of application, few of them are as under:

Common problems and how our servo stabilizer can help cold storage plants ?

Printing Machines: Servo Stabilizer are a must have device for printing industry and for machines such as flexographic machines , Offset lithography, Flexography, Digital printing inkjet & xerography etc. A slight change in voltage variation may create havoc of printed material. 

CNC Machines: The CNC machines or any imported machinery needs to be protected from any voltage or power related issues as they have very sensitive circuits which are calibrated to a précised output voltage which can only be guaranteed through a good quality Servo stabilizer. Sometimes , We may even require Step Up or Step Down Isolation type Transformer so we get voltage as desired by the machine.

Medical Equipment : As you are aware that medical equipment’s are quite an expensive buy and their usage is also very exclusive, so we need to safeguard these equipment’s like MRI Machines and CT scan machine, digital X-ray machine etc from various type of voltage problems such as fluctuation , spikes etc. the best way is contact the best servo voltage stabilizer manufacture in your area and get one installed.

Textile Machines: The textile industry is the backbone of the Indian economy and our indian government also provides and boost textile manufacturing industries which uses machines like spinning machines , power loom, imported embroidery machines, knitting machines, tufting machines. Our Servo stabilizers and Isolation transformers provides ultimate safety to these machines by supplying them stable voltages. JUKI India is once such supplier of these machines and rely on best servo stabilizers from purevolt for their juki machines.

Packaging Machines: Packaging industry had evolved a lot in the last few years, earlier there used to be lot of manual processes for doing packaging for a particular products. Now with the invest of latest technology and fast innovation the packaging plants have become automated , however each country has his share of problems when it comes to voltage problems, so automatic voltage controller provided by purevolt are the best thing on rely on.

Plants / Factories: Now a days industrialist running factories and industries had understood the importance of Servo Voltage Stabilizers and Voltage Controllers, thereby during the initial stages of factory planning they keep a provision for Servo Voltage stabilizer in their budget. These voltage regulator not only helps them in achieving good power factor, it also provided them with benefits like negligible failures of costly machineries, tools , reduction in MDI, power savings etc.