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Servo Stabilizer India is a trading arm of PureVolt Product Pvt. Ltd, which is a leading and reputable manufacturing firm in India. With more than two decades of experience in the industry, PureVolt is now one of the best known manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of Servo Stabilizers and other power conditioning products on the market.

Our credibility comes from our clients' belief in us. Our company follows a policy of transparency and no information about our products or prices is hidden or undisclosed. You get what you see as a result. We strive to build strong relationships with our customers so they can feel more connected to us.

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  • 25 years of unmatched industry experience.
  • ISO 9001-2015 Certified
  • Registered with Duns & Bradstreet, Duns Number.
  • Satisfied Clients in more than 30 Countries.
  • Products Tested from NABL approved Lab.
  • Export’s Shipment inspections done by Intertek, SGS & Bureau Veritas.
  • Ready SONCAP certification for Nigeria.
  • Product undergoes strict quality & pre dispatch inspections.

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Servo Stabilizer India

We are a team of talented and dedicated professionals that has in-depth knowledge of the functioning of power conditioning products. We are specialists in custom-designing and manufacturing power conditioning products based on clients’ demands and requirements.

Right from Servo Voltage Stabilizers to transformers, Sine Wave Inverter and voltage controllers, you name it, we make it. We supply three phase, single phase, oil-cooled and air-cooled Servo Voltage Stabilizers and Step Down or Step Up transformer as per the needs of customers.

We recently exported isolation transformers and automatic voltage controllers to aid prestigious projects in companies like the Hero Group. We are proud to announce that our products are helping these companies achieve their production targets promptly with no breakdowns.

Besides, we are a major exporter of DSP-based Sine Wave Inverters and Solar Inverters. Our Sine Wave Inverters have worked wonders in countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Iraq, Yemen, the UAE, South Africa, and Kenya.

Manufacturer & Exporter Of Servo Stabilizer

Why do you need
Servo Stabilizer
India Products?

In modern age, all organizations, industries, factories, and other allied service providers that use heavy machinery and modern technology are completely reliant on the quality of electricity supplied to them.

PureVolt’s power conditioning products are well-equipped to regulate the flow of electricity to all electrical devices and machines. This is one of the few key reasons why PureVolt’s products are highly regarded, especially for their ability to safeguard and make sure smooth functioning of electrical devices and heavy machinery in diverse areas of business.

Features of
Servo Stabilizer

  • Fully Solid State Control Circuit for High Reliability
  • Synchronous Motor Drive for High Performance
  • Excellent Regulations of + - 1%.
  • Zero Waveform Distortion
  • Plug & Play Type Control PCB’s for easy maintenance
  • Auto-Manual Operation Facility
  • High Efficiency
  • Over - Under Voltage Protection
  • Cyclic and Routine Tests Conducted on every unit
Salient Features of Servo Stabilizer

Where Servo Stabilizer
India regularly exporting

Servo Stabilizer India has created a reputation for itself in the overseas market. Its products are in high demand in several countries due to high energy efficiency, reliability, and performance. The brand works to meet the needs of overseas clients and offers customizing solutions.

Servo Voltage stabilizers made by Purevolt are designed according to the requirements and preferences of our clients. We design our servo voltage stabilizers to be optimally suited to the electrical appliance or heavy machinery to which they will be applied.

Appliances and machines are categorized according to their energy consumption and their characteristics. Electrical appliances and heavy industrial machinery have a certain energy limit. The servo stabilizers are manufactured with these particular limits in mind.

We manufacture a variety of Servo Voltage stabilizers:

Some of countries that Servo Stabilizer India regularly exports to are as follows:

Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Australia (Sydney), Bahrain (Manama), Bangladesh, Botswana, Canada, the US (Boston), Egypt, Cairo, Lagos, the UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah), Sudan, Bangladesh (Dhaka), Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Israel, Kenya, Lebanon, Malawi, Malaysia, Mozambique, Oman, Namibia, Nepal, Nigeria, Qatar, Russia, Singapore, and Saudi Arabia

7 ways to select
Servo Stabilizer

We must check the electrical connection from the grid, whether its single phase or three-phase. Keeping in view of your application, we decide whether you require 1 phase or 3 phase Servo stabilizer.

You have to get our actual load measured through a qualified electrician and accordingly, Servo Stabilizer can decide what capacity of Servo stabilizer you require.

It is necessary to make a periodic chart for measurement of the input voltage at various times of the day. This will help us define the range of voltage fluctuations and accordingly, we can decide what input range of Servo stabilizer you require.

The output voltage selection depends on your actual applications. Normally, it’s 400 V, however, in some cases, customers ask for 380 V or 415 V. PureVolt can customize the output voltages as per the requirement of customers.

Depending on your usage, we can provide you with various protection features such as Overload & Short Circuit Protection, High – Low Voltage Cut-Off Protection, By-Pass Options Etc. These features can be provided at additional costs.

We can customize the dimensions, shape to meet your space constraints.

If you are using imported American or Japanese Machines, we can give you special servo stabilizer to meet your 220 V (3 Phase) output voltages.

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