Constant Voltage Transformers

Constant Voltage Transformers effectively regulate voltage variation, suppresses transients and bridge short interruptions. We manufacture these transformers using high quality materials and components at our sound production unit. These transformers are known for features like low local discharge, low loss, low noise, high reliability and protection against abrupt short circuit. Clients can obtain these transformers in different technical specifications from us. In home appliances and computers these transformers are highly utilized. We offer these transformers at market leading prices to clients.

Toroidal Transformer

Toroidal Transformer is designed for high efficiency and comes with mounting plate. This transformer is known for high efficiency, small size, low weight & low noise and low magnetic field. This transformer is used in more complex and slower equipments like, automation equipments, traffic control system, audio recorders and solar chargers. We manufacture this transformer in compliance with set industrial norms, using premium grade components and materials. Clients can obtain this transformer from us in different technical specifications from us

E I Transformer

E I Transformer transforms electrical energy from one circuit to another without any direct electrical connection and without changing its frequency. This transformer is mainly utilized in UPS, power switches, home appliances, refrigerators and industrial equipments. We use optimum quality materials and components, procured from trusted vendors to manufacture this transformer. Highly demanded in the market, this transformer is available in different technical specifications. We offer this transformer at cost effective prices to esteemed clients.

Electrical Constant Voltage Transformers

Electrical Constant Voltage Transformers are known for strong structure, high performance and easy installation. These transformers are provided with output over-voltage, over-current, over temperature and short-circuit protection. These transformers step down the system voltage to a safe value which can be fed to low rating meters or relays. To comply with set industrial norms, we use premium quality materials and components, sourced from trusted vendors to manufacture these transformers. We make these transformers available for clients in different technical specifications.

Ferroresonant Transformers

Ferroresonant Transformers are specialised electrical transformers designed to maintain a stable output voltage under varying load and input voltage conditions. They are commonly used in applications that require a stable and regulated voltage, such as electronic equipment, computers, medical devices, and power supplies.
Ferroresonant transformers consist of a magnetic corae, windings, and a resonant circuit. They operate on resonant magnetic saturation, where the magnetic core is magnetized and demagnetized at a frequency determined by the resonant circuit. This results in a stable output voltage, even in voltage fluctuations in the input power supply.

What is the function of the transformer in the stabilizer?

The transformer is a key component in a voltage stabiliser, and its main function is to regulate the voltage of the electrical power supply.

Transformers are used in voltage stabilisers to step up or step down the input voltage to the desired output voltage.
The transformer transforms the input voltage to the desired output voltage in a voltage stabiliser. The voltage stabiliser system adjusts the transformer’s voltage to maintain a stable output voltage in the presence of voltage fluctuations in the input power supply.

Generally, voltage stabilisers can use two types of transformers: the autotransformer and the buck-boost transformer. Autotransformers use a single winding to transform the voltage, while buck-boost transformers use two separate windings to boost or reduce the voltage as needed.

The transformer in a voltage stabiliser is typically coupled with other components, such as the Servo motor, relay, control card, and comparator, to form a complete voltage stabilisation system. The Servo motor, for example, adjusts the transformer’s output voltage, while the relay switches between different taps on the transformer to maintain the desired output voltage.

In conclusion, the transformer is a crucial component in a voltage stabiliser and is responsible for transforming the input voltage to the desired output voltage. Its performance directly affects the stability and accuracy of the voltage stabiliser system, and it must be designed and installed properly to ensure its proper functioning.

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