Price List of Servo Stabilizer

Servo Stabilizer Price List

Below Servo Stabilizers Prices are in INR (Rupees)

Servo Stabilisers India offers you the best stabilisers on the market at reasonable prices. Our stabilisers are affordable and efficient in dealing with voltage fluctuations, energy surges, and blackouts. Our innovative stabilisers use advanced technologies and high-quality materials to ensure the safety of our customers. The servo stabilisers are easy to install and use. Our products don’t require high maintenance and come with a 2-year warranty. The stabilisers are also energy efficient, which reduces the cost of energy usage and saves money for the users.

Contact us for updated prices and deals of the day. We are exporting worldwide. The prices mentioned below are estimated and subject to change.


Input – 195-280 V With UV/OV Cutoff

Input – 170-270 V With UV/OV Cutoff

Input – 155 – 270 V With UV/OV Cutoff

Input – 140 – 280 V With UV/OV Cutoff

Input – 110 – 280 V With UV/OV Cutof

1 KVA8460/-9000/-9180/-9450/-10600/-
2 KVA9540/-10350/-10800/-11700/-12600/-
3 KVA10440/-11250/-11700/-12960/-15300/-
4 KVA11250/-12330/-13500/-15300/-19800/-
5 KVA11900/-13500/-16200/-19800/-26100/-
6 KVA13500/-15300/-19800/-21600/-27000/-
7.5 KVA16200/-18000/-21600/-22500/-33300/-
10 KVA18000/-20700/-27900/-29700/-44100/-
15 KVA25200/-28800/-39600/-43200/-
O/C-160 Ltr.
20 KVA34200/-38700/-51300/-


Get the reliable and efficient performance you need with the 3 Phase Air Cooled Servo Stabilizer. This high-efficiency voltage stabilizer is designed to provide a constant voltage output for single applications at an unbeatable price. With our 3 phase voltage stabilizer price list in India, you get the best value for money. Invest in your power needs today with the 3 Phase Air Cooled Servo Stabilizer!


340 – 480 V

300 – 460 V

270 – 470 V

240 – 480 V

190 – 480 V

3 KVA27000/-28800/-28800/-29700/-33300/-
6 KVA30600/-33300/-34200/-36000/-39600/-
9 KVA33300/-36000/-37800/-40500/-47700/-
12 KVA36000/-38700/-42300/-47700/-61200/-
15 KVA36900/-42300/-53100/-61200/-81900/-
18 KVA43200/-47700/-61200/-67500/-84600/-
22.5 KVA50400/-56700/-67500/-69300/-Oil Cooled
25 KVA52200/-60300/-76500/-81000/-Oil Cooled
30 KVA56700/-64800/-86400/-Oil CooledOil Cooled
45 KVA79200/-89100/-Oil CooledOil CooledOil Cooled


Get the most reliable, efficient and cost-effective 3 Phase Oil Cooled Servo Voltage Stabilizers from us. Our stabilizers maintain a constant output voltage with +/- % stability and 95% efficiency or higher. Upgrade your power supplies today – get our high-performance stabilizers at an unbeatable price!


340 –470

Oil Qty

300 – 460

Oil Qty

270 – 470

Oil Qty

240 – 480

Oil Qty

190 – 480

Oil Qty

10 KVA35100/-70 ltr37800/-70 ltr42300/-90 ltr45000/-90 ltr56700/-140 ltr
15 KVA40500/-70 ltr43200/-70 ltr59400/-90 ltr52200/-90 ltr79200/-210 ltr
20 KVA53100/-90 Ltr58500/-90 Ltr61200/-120 ltr64800/-140 ltr86400/-210 ltr
25 KVA56700/-120Ltr61200/-120Ltr72000/-140”72900/-140 ltr127800/-300 ltr
30 KVA59400/-140 Ltr.64800/-140 Ltr.85500/-21097200/-210 Ltr.139500/-350 Ltr.
45 KVA79200/-210 “92700/-240 “120600/-250146700/-300 “176400/-400 “
60 KVA96300/-240 “124200/-250 “160200/-300171900/-350 “215100/-500 “
75 KVA124200/-260 “151200/-300 “174600/-350190800/-400 “264600/-600 “
100 KVA142200/-350 “162900/-380 “212400/-400228600/-500 “312300/-650 “
125 KVA174600/-400 “198000/-400 “246600/-500289800/-600 “365400/-700 “
150 KVA199800/-450 “227700/-500 “306900/-700328500/-700 “464400/-800 “
200 KVA261000/-650 “302400/-700 “369000/-800399600/-800 “574200/-900 “
250 KVA304200/-700 ”344700/-800 ”436500/-900540900/-1000 “676800/-1100 “
300 KVA336600/-850 “396000/-900 “567000/-1000612900/-1100 “836100/-1300”
400 KVA489600/-1000 “546300/-1000 “671400/-1200751500/-1400 “983700/-1700”
500 KVA574200/-1300 “645300/-1300 “792000/-1500948600/-1600 “1210500/-2000”
600 KVA670500/-1500 “729000/-1500 “949500/-17001082700/-1800 “1417500/-2400 “


    • Prices of Oil Cooled Stabilizers are excluding of oil.
    • All relevant taxes, Freight & packing extra as applicable or as mentioned in our Quotation.
    • Any other feature like High/Low Cutoff / MCCB etc. will be on chargeable basis.
    • The above prices are subject to change without prior notice or information.


The Journey of Servo Stabiliser India

Servo Stabiliser India has been serving its customers successfully since 1995. It has a long history of happy and satisfied customers. With a legacy of 25 years the servo stabilisers is obliged to keep on innovating and improving its products. And this obligation is fulfilled with 100 percent commitment.

With advancement of time and technology, the market demand for innovative and high-tech products keeps on changing. Servo Stabiliser India has successfully coped with the market demand by continuous improvements in its stabilisers without increase in the prices.

We customise our products as per the market and customers demand, and we have a long trail of happy customers in the last 25 years in India and overseas markets. 

The fuses used in the stabilisers have a high load capacity, which reduces the probability of any damage due to high voltage. The stabilisers can sustain high loads and are thus more durable than other stabilisers on the market.

It also has overload protection built into the stabilisers that prevents any damages due to overload. All the factors make it highly durable and energy efficient, which further makes it economical for the customers.

Frequently asked questions

What is a voltage stabiliser, and how does it work?

It is an electrical device that stabilises and regulates voltage fluctuation. The internal circuitry detects the voltage variation and adjusts the output voltage to maintain a safe level that further avoids the risk of damage of the connected devices.

Why do I need a stabiliser?

It is used to avoid any damage to the devices  like computers, motors, televisions, refrigerators etc. due to high or low voltage.

What are the types of stabilisers available in the market?

There are several types of stabilisers available, including:

  • Servo-controlled voltage stabilisers: These stabilisers use a servo motor to continuously regulate the output voltage.
  • Relay-based voltage stabilisers: They operate by switching transformers and adjusting the voltage based on the input.
  • Static voltage stabilisers: These stabilisers use solid-state electronic components to stabilise the voltage.

How do I choose the right servo stabiliser for my needs?

To choose the right stabiliser, consider the following factors:

  • The power capacity required to support your appliances.
  • The input voltage range and fluctuations in your area.
  • The type of stabiliser suitable for your needs (servo-controlled, relay-based, or static).
  • Additional features like overload protection, high/low voltage cut-off, and time delay.

Can a voltage stabiliser improve the lifespan of my appliances?

Yes it can, high or low voltage can damage or reduce the efficiency of the connected devices. Stabilisers decrease the risk of such damages and increase the lifespan of the devices.

Are Servo stabilisers suitable for both residential and commercial use?

Yes, the stabilisers should be chosen as per the power capacity and load requirement. They could protect both home devices and commercial machinery from any damages cause by unstable voltage.


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