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Purevolt India is the ultimate place where you can get the best-quality step-down transformers at very reasonable rates. Our transformers are highly durable and function with utmost efficiency, ensuring all your needs are fulfilled.

We have a wide range of step-down transformers, including 12 volt to 220 volt and 220 volt to 440 volt, making sure that we have the exact solution you are looking for. We also offer customised transformers to meet your specifications.

To get the best deals, order now. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist you at each and every stage, right from installation to operation of the transformer.

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Salient features of our Step Down Transformer:

High quality, low price:

Most often, customers are perplexed between high-quality products and low-priced products. We resolve this issue by providing our customers with high-quality step-down transformers at reasonable rates.

Easy to maintain and use:

There is no need to worry about the complexity of using and maintaining the transforms. Our engineers have designed the transformers keeping in mind the convenience of the customer. Our transformers are easy to operate and maintain.

Efficient and durable:

Our transformers are highly productive and last for years after purchase. Consume less energy and can operate at low voltages too. Made with quality materials that make it highly durable.


Safety and protecting our customers from unintentional accidents are our first priorities. We provide you with electrical isolation between input and output in our transformer to prevent any accidental electric shock.


Every customer has a specification as per their requirements. We understand this need and offer customization in terms of voltage, frequencies, current ratings, and size of the transformers.

Overload Protection:

The step-down transformers can be damaged during high-current or high-voltage events. To prevent such damages, our step-down transformers provide overload protection.


Step-down transformers have myriad applications, including industrial equipment, power distribution, energy systems, etc.


With their high efficiency and durability, step up transformers offer a cost-effective solution for voltage conversion.

Since 1995, Step DOWN Transformers Manufacturer

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We have a track of 25 years of happy and satisfied customers, we are oblige to offer our best, innovative products and impeccable services to our customers.

We the legacy of 25 years we are constantly growing and continuously improving our products and services with cutting edge technologies and innovations. With our utmost efforts and services we won the trust of our customers.

Our vision is to meet the need and specification of each and every customers of ours

To meet the specific and unique needs our customers we offer customized transformers, stabilizer and other power equipment.

We have long range of products and myriads of manufacturing units which can cope with the increasing market demand without any fuss.

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Step Down transformer Price in India

Step-down transformers prices range between Rs. 40,000 and Rs. 1.75 lakh.

The price of the step-down transformer may vary depending on the location of delivery, size of the transformer, capacity of the transformer, etc.

We suggest you get in touch with our sales team to get clarity about your specifications and the current price of the isolation transformer.