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We provide advice and guidance on how to select the most appropriate power protection system at the most cost-effective price. An organization or individual unfamiliar with choosing the right Power Protection system for their needs may find the process daunting and frustrating. It can be very expensive to overengineer a solution. If you're new to the selection process, make sure you know your requirements and the right questions to ask your potential supplier - Know the advantages and disadvantages of different design types. We advise and guide you through our frequently asked questions so you can choose the most appropriate and cost-effective solution to power quality problems.

We must check the electrical connection from the grid, whether its single phase or three-phase. Keeping in view of your application, we decide whether you require 1 phase or 3 phase Servo stabilizer.

You have to get our actual load measured through a qualified electrician and accordingly, Servo Stabilizer can decide what capacity of Servo stabilizer you require.

It is necessary to make a periodic chart for measurement of the input voltage at various times of the day. This will help us define the range of voltage fluctuations and accordingly, we can decide what input range of Servo stabilizer you require.

The output voltage selection depends on your actual applications. Normally, it’s 400 V, however, in some cases, customers ask for 380 V or 415 V. PureVolt can customize the output voltages as per the requirement of customers.

Depending on your usage, we can provide you with various protection features such as Overload & Short Circuit Protection, High – Low Voltage Cut-Off Protection, By-Pass Options Etc. These features can be provided at additional costs.

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