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Step down transformer- A unique guide!!

The primary work of transformer is to transform the static energy to magnetic energy, then turn it back to statistic energy. It has a vast role in the electric system and power lines. Step down transformer is a kind of transformer that has a greater voltage of input as compared to the voltage of the output.

What is a step-down transformer?

A step-down converter is an invention that focuses on transferring the high primary voltage to a low secondary voltage. This transformer consists of two types of windings i.e. primary and secondary. A step-up transformer is utilized to increase the voltage from low to high and the case is opposite with step-down transformer.

Working principle of a step-down transformer

This kind of transformer is based on Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction. For transmission to take place, it is necessary to have a mutual induction between both the windings. When a circuit changes, the electromagnetic force gets induced to change the rate of flux linkage.

The number of turns in secondary and primary winding determines the emf (Electro-Motive Force) that has been induced between two of the windings.

The number of windings existing in the transformer could be determined by the force that is induced in the electromotive. This term is commonly called turns ratio. The ability to the reduction of transformers mainly depends on this turns ratio. The capability of voltage reduction depends on the turndown ratio of the primary as well as the secondary coil.

Emf that will be induced in the secondary coil is supposed to be less than the primary coil. As a result of this, voltage is reduced at the secondary winding than primary winding.

Types of a step-down transformer:

The step-down transformer has been classified into three types as per the coil and tapings.

Following are the types:

  • Single phase down
  • Center tapped step down 
  • Multi tapped step down

Single-phase step down transformer

This one helps to step down the voltage of the input and current ratings. It provides low voltage and output.

Center tapped step down transformer

It offers voltage of output with center print as it has a primary winding along with the split in the secondary winding.

Multi tapped step down transformer

It provides multi-tapping in the secondary coil. The multi-tapping is used to achieve the output that is required with the help of secondary coils.

The step down of the transformer is of three types and prices of them vary from each other. The transformers are available at different prices by different sellers. With types of transformers size it matters as well. It depends upon the watts of the transformer that you need. 

You need to check it online as well as offline to be within the budget that you have decided. There’s no fixed price that you will get as there are several sellers in the market that are offering their products at various prices. 

Step down transformer application

The electric transformer system is incomplete without the step-down transformer. It’s just not about the user’s safety but the stability of the electric system depends on it.  Step down transformers are known as one of the most crucial parts of the electronic system. People nowadays have raised their living standards and with that, they have a great demand for electric power.

The relay protection should be designed in a way that it covers principle, definite relay protection for the measurement of transformer faults. The principle of electromagnetic induction is the basic formula for it. The formula for the description: E-Effective value of induction potential, F- frequency, N- number of main flux, I.e., The difference between secondary and primary winding. The voltage size becomes different when the size of the voltage drops.

Application of step down transformer includes:

  • Adapters
  • Chargers
  • Home appliances
  • Welding machines
  • Doorbells
  • Cd players
  • Power distribution channels
  • Tv
  • Voltage stabilizers

Good examples of a step-down transformer

The formula of a step-down transformer is- Ns/Np= Vs/Vp.

Wherein, NS= Number of secondary windings, Np= Number of primary windings, Vs= the voltage in secondary and Vp= Voltage in the primary.

The number of secondary windings is always supposed to be less than that of the primary windings in a transformer. 

What makes it, Ns< Np.

Wrapping up

So, this was all that one needs to know about a step-down transformer. The main motive of this product is to decrease the voltage.

To find a transformer that you require, you need to go through all the mediums of purchasing it as you may get a discount somewhere and it could save you the money that you can end up regretting by not checking for it everywhere.

A step down transformer is used in almost every home appliance.

Currently, it is used in nearly all electronic devices. Electronics nowadays heavily depend on it.

Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable supplier of step-down transformer for all sort of needs. You can stay in touch with Servo Stabilizer India team for more information.

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