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Product Application

For catering to the demand of varied applications, our range of Servo Voltage stabilizer responds to quality and reliability in service and has been proved to be a highly reliable, efficient and cost-effective voltage stabilizing solution, is able to redress an input voltage fluctuation of in excess of 40%, meanwhile ensuring an accuracy of 1% on the output. The company also offers bespoke stabilization solutions to our customers, we endeavor to comprehend the problem of our clients and to instruct them correct and befitting custom-made solution, thus adding convenience and most suitable solutions for our customers. We can develop stabilizer spanning from as low as 90 V Line to Neutral.

Product Name

Where to Use

Target Customers

Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Rating : 1 Kva To 1500 Kva

Where there is a Problem of Low or Over Incoming Voltage, the Stable Voltage

is highly critical for the Customers

Any Industry, Office

Small or Big, Residentials, Hospitals or Clubs etc.

Automatic Voltage Regulators

1 Kva To 30 Kva

Where there is problem of voltage oscillation or flactuation. Stable & appropriate voltage is required for function and operation of equipmemnt or devices.

Small offices or

Residential houses

Isolation Transformer

1 Kva To 500 Kva

This configuration of Transformer is preferred to eleminating the detrimental spikes & Surges from The Mains. Because of the application of important Machines such as CNC / PLC Panels.

In order to generate Neutral in case there no Neutral is found.

Any industry that houses

expensive / heavy-duty

Machinery including CNC, Injection Molding etc.

Constant Voltage Transformer(Cvt)

1 Kva To 10 Kva

Application is recommended when there is a problem of oscillating supply of output current. The transformer is essentially needed for heavy-duty Machines, Where

Even 2 – 4 Volts Variation Is Crucial.

Small-scale machinery or Sensitive Equipment including EPBAX, PC’s, PLC

Power Inverter’s / Sine Wave Inverters

300 Va To 5000 Va

Where one requires backup in case outage occurs or mains fails. Basic domestic load

Offices or Residents

Online Ups

1 Kva To 60 Kva

Where one Needs Backup Power, if Mains Failure or outage takes place.

The Load is Sensitive

Any Industry / Office

Hospitals / Clubs etc


Variable Auto Transformer

Variac / Dimmerstat

4 Amp To 800 Amps

This type of transformer is preferred to conduct tests.

Where the company wants To Test appliances At different Output Voltages for example 0 – 280 V Or 0 – 480 V.

Motor rewinding / manufacturing Companies,

Electronic & Electrical equipment manufacturing companies