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Manual Variable Auto Transformer

Manual Variable Auto Transformer
Manual Variable Auto Transformer
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Brand Name : Servo Stabilizer India PVT. LTD.
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Manual Variable Auto Transformer

Backed with high technology facilities and machines, we have been able to manufacture and export a quality range of Manual Variable Auto Transformer. Supply voltage adjustment, boosting of low lines and line voltage stabilization in automatic voltage stabilizers. We manufacture this transformer using high quality materials and components. Clients can obtain this Manual Variable Auto Transformer in different technical specifications from us. Also, we offer this transformer at cost effective prices.

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Further Details:

We are a commendable manufacturer, supplier, exporter and trader of Manual Variable Auto Transformer Variac that are manufactured in both three and single phases. The general output range of the three phase is between 0 to 470 volts and in single phase it varies between 0 to 270 volt. Our engineers fabricate single or three phase enclosed type and open type Manual Variable Auto Transformer Variac for mounting purpose. Our manual transformer comes with a sturdy and easy to use knob to increase or decrease the voltage as per requirement. Moreover, we also offer high output voltage product with attributes like enclosure, motorization, ammeter and voltmeter.

Rating Available: 2 Amp to 1200 Amp

1 & 3 Phase / Air & Oil Cooled Types

(Special Input and output Voltage ranges also available on request)


Continuously Variable Voltage Auto Transformer is the most effective device for step less, break less & continuous control of AC voltage & therefore for various parameters, dependent on AC voltage.

These Variable Voltage Auto Transformers, consists of a single layer winding on a toroidal silicon-steel core. As the control knob is rotated, a carbon brush traverses the winding, tapping off a portion of the total voltage across the winding. The brush is in continuous contact with the winding. The discrete voltage increments obtained as the knob is rotated are always less than the voltage between turns. Since the brush spans more than one turn, the change in voltage is practically continuous. As output voltage is continuously variable, Variable Voltage Auto Transformers are rated in terms of current that can be drawn from the output.

The basic Continuously Variable Voltage Auto Transformers is meant for operation from a nominal input voltage of 240 V I ph AC & can give output voltage anywhere between 0 to 240 v or 0 to 270V AC by simple transformer action. Three such Variable Voltage Auto Transformers connected electrically in star and mechanically in tandem, become suitable for operation from a nominal input voltage of 415V 3Ph AC and can give output anywhere between 0 to 415V or 0 to 470V.

Rating Available: 4 Amps- 1600 Amps



a)Flush Open Manual (Air Cooled) – F

b)Portable Enclosed Manual (Air Cooled) – P

c)In Tank Manual (Oil Cooled) – T 'F' , 'P' , T suffixed by 'M' means motor operated models.


For Single Phase – 240V AC, 50-60 Hz. I- ph.

For Three Phase – 415V AC, 50-60 Hz., 3 – ph – 4wire.


For Oil Cooled models, maximum current & continuous current are Appx. One & the same.

For Air Cooled models. The power Factor is Appx. 0.8


0o - 45oC


Not less than 5M ohms at 500V DC.


2.5KV RMS for 1 Minute.


- 9oC to 70oC


Upto 95% RH


I.S. 5142.



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