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LED Lights


LEDs are called as Light emitting diodes and are very small solid light bulbs. They are highly energy efficient. As they two-lead semiconductor light source, the little diodes emits light when triggered or activated. When electric supply is passed through them, they release energy in the form of photons, which, we know as light. The lower cost of LED Lights these days makes them suitable for aggressive use in Home and commercial segment.


Led’s use significant less electricity for the same light output, for example it consumes 85 % less electricity in comparison to conventional lighting and around 20 % less when compared to compact fluorescent lamp. They can have a huge impact worldwide on energy savings.


Typically LED lamps have a lifetime of 25,000 hours - that is over 22 years if used for 3 hours per day. Plus, with no filament LED lamps are more robust. This will result in you saving money on replacement lamps and building maintenance. Conventional bulbs last around 1,000-2,000 hours (1-2 years) and CFL around 6,000 -15,000 hours (6 to 13 years).


LED lamps switch ON and OFF instantly and are flicker free - There is no warm up time unlike many CFLs


A small amount of Mercury is used in CFL bulbs, making them unsafe if mercury leaks at times of breakage or at times of disposal of worn out bulbs. LED is safe as it has no mercury content.


You may have seen early "Generation 1" LED lamps that looked more like an alien spaceship than a lightbulb, however, there have been massive advances in LED design so that now LED lamps look nearly identical to the filament and halogen bulbs that you want to replace. They even use similar fixtures so your old fixtures don't become redundant.


Over the lifetime of an LED product, less electricity and replacement products are used; saving even more energy in transportation, packaging and maintenance when compared to conventional lamps. All this adds up to lower CO2 emissions, a win-win for you and the environment. As LED lamps are very efficient, they are the perfect product to compliment renewable energy sources such as solar panels or wind power.


LED lamps run much cool unlike traditional bulbs and halogens. Using LED will allow a heating or air-conditioning system to run more effectively. When lamps run cooler they minimise the deterioration to light fittings, shades and decoration which can occur with hot lamps - so your light fittings will last longer.


The range of LED products is increasing and products like LED strips that can change colour and brightness make it easier to produce light effects almost anywhere.

With falling prices of LED products, long-term increases in energy costs tied with improving efficiency of LED, with more light for each unit of energy the argument to switch to LED now is very compelling as payback periods become shorter. Check our rough calculations on your savings on switching to LED from conventional and CFL bulbs

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LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes), are very energy efficient solid light bulbs. A significant attribute of LEDs is: the directional light, as opposing to incandescent bulbs which spread the light spherically. The New LED Bulb designs address the directional limitation with reflectors and diffuser lenses to disperse the light like an incandescent bulb. Also, the cost of new LED bulbs has decreased considerably in the last few years. Nowadays, there are numerous LED light bulbs for use in homes and offices etc. The LED Bulbs are available in both DC and AC supply, and in various ratings of 3 watt / 5 Watt / 7 Watt / 9 Watt / 12 Watt.
Led Flood Light

Wall Mounted Voltage Stabilizers

Wall Mounted Voltage Stabilizers is widely used at home, hospital, office and industrial automation where the voltage stabilization is highly important. These stabilizers can be mounted on wall without scratching the surface of the wall. These stabilizers protect television, refrigerator and air conditioning from voltage fluctuations. Highly demanded in the market, these stabilizers have the functions of over and under voltage protection. Manufactured by using high quality components, we offer these stabilizers at reasonable prices to the clients.

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LED floodlights are high-intensity, broad beamed artificial lights that are used widely to illuminate outdoor areas. Commonly, these are used in playing fields, and other such spheres in low light conditions. Also, they can be used for outdoor functions that require lots of lighting. We offer a broad variety of LED Flood Lights in 30 Watt / 50 Watt / 80 Watt / 90 Watt / 100 Watts / 150 Watt.
Led high bay lights

Industrial Voltage Regulator

Industrial Voltage Regulator is an energy saving device, with the functions of over or under voltage protection and error protection. We manufacture this regulator using high quality materials and components. Clients can obtain this regulator from us in different technical specifications. The regulator is highly useful when the electricity supply to the site is at a higher or lower voltage level than required. We offer this regulator at market leading prices to our esteemed clients.

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Our LED High Bay Lights are designed for uses of 5 Meters, or above. A broad range of indoor lighting fixtures provides special light patterns for high bay lighting applications, covering warehouse light, maintenance lighting, recreation center lighting, storage lighting and hangar lighting. Also, our Indoor lighting fixtures offer commercial and industrial lighting to help improve energy efficiency as well as safety while enhancing the productivity.
Led Panel Light Square Round

Automatic Voltage Regulator

Automatic Voltage Regulator has the advantages of wide range of voltage regulation, fast response speed, short circuit protection and excellent performance. This regulator is manufactured in compliance with set industrial norms using premium quality materials and components. The regulator automatically regulates constant voltage supply to the home appliances, medical equipments and industrial equipments. To provide the best range, we check this regulator on defined quality parameters. We offer this regulator at pocket friendly prices to clients.

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We offer 3w, 6w, 12w & 18w LED panel lights in square and circular shapes. These indoor lighting fixtures provide commercial and industrial lighting to help improve energy-efficiency and safety, as well as enhance the productivity. Nowadays, LED Panels are extensively used in Complexes and Offices for better efficiency & energy savings.
Led Street Light

Automatic Voltage Controller

Automatic Voltage Controller is known for high efficiency, no wave distortion, reliable performance, also, it is provided with short time delay and over voltage protection. We manufacture this controller in compliance with set industrial norms using high quality materials and components. This controller is widely used in computers, telecommunications and working offices to regulate and control voltage automatically. We check this controller on defined quality parameters to provide the best range to clients. Also, we offer this controller at reasonable prices.

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As an integrated light, the LED street light uses LED (light emitting diodes) as its light source. The main appeal of LED street lighting is its energy-efficiency, as compared to the conventional street lighting technologies such as metal halide (MH) and high pressure sodium (HPS). The LED Street Light Switches ON / OFF instantly with high brightness, unlike amps and fluorescent, such as metal halide and mercury vapor etc., which take time to heat up. We offer high-quality LED Street Light, ranging from 30W to 150W.
Led Tube Lights & Fittings

Solar PCU

Solar PCU consists of inverter, solar charger, grid charger and battery bank. Compact in size, light in weight and easy to install, this PCU supplies the highest quality pure sine wave power. To comply with changing technology, we use premium grade components and materials to manufacture this PCU. Highly demanded in the market, this PCU is available in different technical specifications for clients. Also, we offer this PCU at market leading prices to esteemed clients.

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LED Tube Lights & Fittings are power efficient and cost-effective in nature. These lights are available in AC as well as DC supply, and in a wide range. These are simple, easy to install LED Tube Lights or complete LED tube light fixtures, that are an obvious champion for managing the lighting needs effectively.

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